Who is Mark Cryle?

Here is a bit of a rundown on me:

  • I sing and play guitar, mandolin and bass.
  • Respected music journalist Noel Mengel once called me: “one of the best songwriters in Australia”. I’ll take that compliment.
  • I’ve won songwriting awards and made a bunch of cds in various iterations.
  • I’m addicted to coffee (and sugar).
  • I like to stay busy with musical projects.
  • I have a PhD – on the origins of Anzac Day.
  • One of my best friends says that I think … way too much.
  • I’m a cricket tragic.
  • I’m definitely a book nerd.
  • For some reason I tend to retain useless trivia … must be all those books I read.
  • Pet hates … reality tv shows and bigotry!