Lyrics: This is Christmas

Well the summer heat is beatin’ down
But the families will be gatherin’ round
‘Cos Santa Claus is coming to town
And this is Christmas

There’ll be cricket happenin’ in the yard
35 is on the cards
The eskies will be doin’ it hard
‘Cos this Christmas

Come rejoice there’s plenty for us
Thank you for the gifts you bring
Raise your voice and join our chorus
It’s the same old songs that we always sing

So peace to all, we’ll hug and kiss
Fill our plates and hit the piss
And spare a thought for those we miss
‘Cos this Christmas

Grown ups talk while children listen
Catch it all on video
Pop the cork make the treetop glisten
We’ll spray our world with Santa Snow

So if it all seems strange and queer
It’s not the same in your part of the sphere
Well its just the way we do things round here
‘Cos this Christmas