Mark Cryle and his Music

Mark, of whom respected Courier Mail critic Noel Mengel once said; "Mark Cryle is one of the best songwriters in Australia", writes, sings and plays guitar, also mandolin and bass.

Finalist in the Australian Songwriters Assoc.'s National Awards, nominee for Songwriter of the Year at the Q.R.A. Sunnie Awards, winner of the Maldon Festival's Roddy Read Memorial Songwriting Award Mark was the principal songwriter in Spot the Dog, creating such classics as One More Roll of the Dice. Drawing on his years of experience and overseas training, Mark also conducts song writing workshops at festivals around Australia. Mark is characteristically modest about his skills as a songwriter/ solo singer.

"I didn't believe I could write songs until a few years ago when I actually started doing it - then I realized that I could couple words and tunes together in a way that was really satisfying for me."

"The challenge for me is to write songs, whether they're from a global or personal perspective, that will engage the listener, make them feel as if they can identify with that song, that they could own the story. I'm an inveterate collector and I'm always jotting down ideas, phrases, - perhaps even just a word - that I think I may be able to use I try to find phrases or words that people will be familiar with and I try to write lyrics that bear closer investigation".

Mark has recently added another first- class CD, Sideshow Alley, to his canon of homegrown music - distinctly Australian, beautifully crafted and always insightful. Displaying the skill with words and music that have made him a household name in the Australian music scene, in Sideshow Alley Mark has created a collection of complementary and contrasting musical gems, polished to perfection.

In 2006 Mark released Notches on the Wall, a collection of material which put him up front and solo as a singer-songwriter, and allowed us to focus on these talents. This was followed up in 2009 by House of Cards. This superbly crafted effort saw Mark confirming his status as one of Australia's leading songwriters. House of Cards combined powerful elegies to love and desire with documents of contemporary Australian life. Folk Alliance Australia voted it their CD of the Year for 2009.

Mark is currently engaged in a PhD on the history of the celebration of Anzac Day
- which research will no doubt find its way into a new suite of future songs.

What has been said about Mark

“Sideshow Alley … contains a swag of memorable stories, emotional journeys and touching moments that lift the spirit and challenge the mind.”   Capital News

“Mark Cryle is one of Australia’s finest storytellers” Country Update

“Sideshow Alley, populated with believable characters and alive with memorable music will entice you to visit time and time again” Trad and Now

“Here is another craftsman writing some of the best songs of his life” Courier Mail

"Mark Cryle is one of the best songwriters in Australia" Noel Mengel, Courier Mail.

"House of Cards is amongst the very best CDs I have ever heard: one of those very rare CDs where every single track is a good one there are no fillers. And it only grows on you even more with repeated listening" ... Brisbane Folk Rag.

"Mark Cryle has developed into one of the country's finest singer songwriters, as House of Cards, his second solo album amply attests. Like Paul Kelly, Mick Thomas, Don Walker and a few others Cryle has the capacity to write pithy and catchy songs that resonate deeply and manage to reflect the Australian psyche" Rhythms Magazine.

"House of Cards is full of exquisitely crafted songs about life, love, pain and disappointmen. Music journalist Noel Mengel once called Mark 'one of the best songwriters in Australia'. This album proves that beyond doubt" Capital News.

"Mark is a gifted story teller and that enviable ability to capture little snapshots of life comes from a man obviously a keen observer and listener" Country Update Magazine

"As always, his songs are unmistakably bedded in the Australian urban way of life and speak easily of places, events and cultural ticks which we all recognise. How magic it is to hear this done in a way which is neither self-conscious nor chauvinistic. Add that to a real songwriter's ear for a great melody and a 'nailed-it' lyric and you have a very special debut solo album of beautifully and carefully crafted songs" Brisbane Folk Rag.

"His songs, which always possess that great quality of universalising an intimate experience, are perfect for solo performance, and give Mark the chance to speak directly to us"...Brisbane Folk Rag.

Performance Highlights

National Folk Festival (2012)
QUT Urban Country Music Festival (2011)
Maldon Folk Festival (2010)
Gympie Music Muster (2010)
Troubadour Weekend (2010)
Woodford Folk Festival (2009)
QUT Urban Country Music Festival (2009)
Maldon Folk Festival (2008)
Redlands Spring Festival (2008)